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2022 Service Calls

77162022-01-2123:58Smoke in Building37 Garry Rd
77152022-01-1917:28Odor of Natural Gas1 Choice Rd, UPS
77142022-01-1900:33Fire AlarmFalse Alarm14 Main St, Bickford HC
77132022-01-1722:48Mutual AidFire Alarm1 Market Circle, Windsor
77122022-01-1722:42Mutual AidStation Standby54 Basswood Rd, Windsor Hayden Station
77112022-01-1715:24Odor InvestigationOdor of PropaneE5,T125 Canal Bank Rd, Montgomery Mill Arts
77102022-01-1715:10Vehicle Fire91 N at Exit 40
77092022-01-1710:24Fire AlarmFalse Alarm3 National Dr, Motel 6
77082022-01-1623:17Fire Alarm14 Main St, Bickford HC
77072022-01-1612:49HazmatGasoline SpillE3,R4,C11245 Ella Grasso, Valero
77062022-01-1503:00Fire AlarmBroken Steam Pipe325 North St, North Street School
77052022-01-1315:00Vehicle FireFully InvolvedE3,E5,C16556 Elm St
77032022-01-1114:00Fire AlarmFalse Alarm28 Main St, WL Public Library
77022022-01-0507:16CO ProblemEMS RespondingE3,BIAE9,C1151 John St
77012022-01-0412:58Fire Alarm65 Ella Grasso, Homewood Suites
77002022-01-0312:31CO DetectorFalse Alarm8 Frances Ln
76992022-01-0123:42Party Trapped on BalconyRescuedE3,T1,C13383 South Center St, Ramada Inn
76982022-01-0120:42Outside FireExtinguishedE3,C1198 Spring St