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2023 Service Calls

80912023-01-2717:18Smoke InvestigationNothing FoundC13South Main St
80902023-01-2704:02Fire AlarmFalse Alarm149 Ella Grasso, Candlewood Suites
80892023-01-2616:38Mutual AidStructure Fire879 Russell Ave, Suffield
80882023-01-2610:34Natural Gas LeakEversource RespondedMain St at Church St
80872023-01-2606:40CO Detector43 Marshall Rd
80862023-01-2407:58Elevator EntrapmentParty Rescued131 Old County Rd
80852023-01-2319:14Fire AlarmFalse Alarm1 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
80842023-01-2210:17Fire AlarmFalse Alarm7 Northgate Dr
80832023-01-1922:57Mutual AidStation CoverageT189 Bridge St, Warehouse Point Station 38
80822023-01-1812:37Outside Fire36 Darien Dr
80812023-01-1806:00Fire AlarmFalse Alarm100 D Neal Hagen Dr
80802023-01-1713:34MVAFluids on GroundE380 Ella Grasso Tpke
80792023-01-1711:38Outside Fire420 Denslow St
80782023-01-1711:19Odor of Natural GasArea of 28 Main St
80772023-01-1517:37Mutual AidMVAE5,E2,C1291 N at Exit 44
80762023-01-1500:24Fire Alarm1 Choice Rd, UPS
80752023-01-1317:35Fire in Gas FireplaceExtinguished16 Ross Way
80742023-01-1300:29Wires ArchingEversource NotifiedSpring St at Glendale Circle
80732023-01-1214:26Fire AlarmWater Problem16 Ella Grasso, Double Tree
80722023-01-1210:24MVAFluids on Ground100 King Spring Rd
80712023-01-0622:38MVAw/ Injuries91 N on DC Bridge
80702023-01-0620:10Assist CitizenResidential Lockout80 Main St
80692023-01-0604:31CO Detector1 Concorde Landing A4
80682023-01-0521:05Fire AlarmE5,T1,C1271 Oak Ridge Dr
80672023-01-0517:12MVAFluids on GroundE5,C10Oak St at Main St
80662023-01-0501:28Vehicle FireRT 75 at North St
80652023-01-0413:58Fire AlarmFalse Alarm14 Main St, Bickford
80642023-01-0413:09Assist CitizenResidential Lockout18 Church St, Apt A
80632023-01-0404:09MVACar vs Rescue 491 SB Exit 40
80622023-01-0403:39MVARollover91 SB Exit 40
80612023-01-0318:28Fire AlarmFalse Alarm295 Ella Grasso Tok, Summer Stone
80602023-01-0305:44Fire AlarmFalse Alarm11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
80592023-01-0202:26Fire Alarm295 Ella Grasso Tpk
80582023-01-0116:25Mutual AidStructure FireE5,C14158 West St, Windsor
80572023-01-0103:04CO DetectorFalse Alarm461 North St